Makrigialos is a village next to the sea, 20 kilometers far away from Katerini and just 40 kilometers away from Thessaloniki. It' s distance from the capital Athens is 456 kilometers, and the access is really easy via the national motorway. To Makrigialos you can meet friendly people, fresh air and a big wonderful beach. To Makriagialos beach there are a lot of Greek traditional restaurants and cafe bars that create a full of life summer time (and winter weekends also). Near Makrigialos you can find the beach of Ancient Pidna, well known from the famous battle of ancient years. Just 5 kilometers away there is the area of Alikes where people can enjoy the natural balneotherapy to the place that the locals call "Tigania". The sea sreet drives you in a few minutes to the famous beaches of Korinos, Paralia, and Olympic Beach.